Invest wisely choose Imperial Oil

Invest wisely choose Imperial Oil

Invest wisely choose Imperial Oil

Invest wisely choose Imperial Oil

We are Imperial oil and gas company

Since 1880 Imperial has consistently demonstrated unwavering high standards, pioneering Canadian spirit, innovation and leadership in the challenging energy industry. While much has changed for more than 140 years, remaining true to these fundamentals has kept us at the forefront of the race to meet the world’s growing demands for energy. Our goal is to do business in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner while delivering superior long-term value. At Imperial, we believe that we can have reliable and affordable energy, a strong economy and a clean environment, and we're committed to making it happen.

What we do.

As an integrated energy company, we explore for, produce, refine and market products essential to society. Whether it's finding oil and gas, making and selling high-quality petroleum products, or investing in innovative research, our business helps ensure Canada's quality of life and energy future.

How we do it .

We start by hiring the best and brightest and insist on maintaining the highest standards in ethical conduct and legal compliance to bring integrity to all aspects of our business. The safety of our workforce is a company-wide priority and is a value that guides us to strive to achieve a very simple objective – Nobody Gets Hurt.

Getting our products
to Canadians and the world

Market access

The world needs it, Canada should provide it. Demand for responsibly-produced energy is growing and this is where we’re strong - abundant resources, evolving technology and innovation, and solid leadership in safety and environmental performance.


We’re going places, thanks to rail. While pipeline capacity is constrained, we need railways to get to the markets that will pay more for our products and keep us competitive with energy companies around the world.

Products pipelines

Over 700 different petroleum products keep North Americans moving. Pipelines help them flow in and out of our refineries in a safe, environmentally friendly way – from the well to the customer.

What do we produce?

We produce and provide quality petrochemical products and services with a commitment to the principles of sustainability. Quality fuels, convenience stores and friendly and helpful service to meet all your driving needs are available through the Esso and Mobil retail network.

some of our product and services include:


We produce asphalt for paving and roofing at both our Strathcona and Nanticoke refineries, fed partially by our Cold Lake in situ oil sands operation. In fact, one in every three kilometres of Canadian highway is paved using our asphalt. You probably haven’t given it much thought but a lot of research goes into ensuring asphalt roads are safe for the people who travel them – from new and improved binding agents to lifetime projections of performance under different environmental and use factors. We work closely with the Asphalt Institute, which conducts important research on road safety.

Chemical products

Many know about our production of fuels, you hopefully use them to fill up your car. But your touch points with Imperial and our products likely go way beyond your weekly fill up. Situated on-site with our refinery in Sarnia is our chemical plant, where we make many products including polyethylene, naphtha intermediates, vinyl intermediates and aromatics – the basis for 1,000’s of products Canadians use every day. Industries from construction, oil and gas and agriculture to millions of consumer products and packaging rely on our petrochemical products, but here are a few of our favourites:


It helps keep car, boat and plane engines running smoothly – all while factoring in the unique characteristics of the Canadian climate (that’s a nice way of saying it gets cold). Lubricants are an important part of what keeps our society moving! We are the official marketer of MobilTM lubricants in Canada – selling to retailers, distributors and customers across the country. We’re also a user! Our operations, from drilling to refining, trust our lubricants! Our Kearl oil sands mining operation uses Mobil lubricants to keep their haul truck fleet, some of the biggest trucks in the world, moving. Our Mobil ServSM brand aids our commercial customers in businesses nationwide to advance their mobility, sustainability, and productivity ambitions.

For Investors

  • *Imperial L.N.G investment
  • 4% profit daily
  • Minimum investment $ 250
  • Maximum investment $5000
  • Withdrawal after 10 days
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  • *Imperial L.P.G investment
  • 8% profit daily
  • Minimum 3000 USD
  • Maximums 10,000 USD
  • Withdrawal after 10 days
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  • *Imperial Marine Investment
  • 12% Profit Daily
  • Minimum 5000 USD
  • Maximums 15000 USD
  • Withdrawal after two weeks
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  • *Imperial Executive
  • 30% Profit after 48 hours
  • Minimum investment 10,000 USD
  • Maximum investment 100,000 USD
  • withdrawal after one month / 30 days
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